Πέμπτη, 26 Μαΐου 2011

Do you think thats all what fashion is about??

ok, fist of all, stop all of you your routine!what's the matter with you all? why do you have to wake up EVERY DAY dress up, take your friend and go to a supposingly random place to take from 5 to 784589415 photos of the same look that you saw yesterday on an other girls blog, and you thought that you can do it better.But you cant.So what i want to say is stop posting 152469 photos of your supposingly random daily look, it doesn't make it look better!.One photo looking up, one other looking down, one pretending that you dance, one pretending that you are gonna fall and looking carefully at the ground.... All with the same look, at the same place!! Do you really think that the changes at you face expressions are so interesting???? And most of all, if you have a blog, stop posting crap, because you feel like posting sth, think of it fist.A single post defines who you are, so stop wasting time with shit!
thank u all for readind.
P.s. I am aware that i just started a war, but I couldnt take this any longer!

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